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Hiper Logistics; It is a transportation, transportation and maritime company with partners and agencies in more than 55 countries.

It presents examples from the next process of Hiper Logistics scenario systems with modern convenience and always in development. Installations for air and maritime transportation from all basic systems with the 2000s system systemic experience and training systems. With today’s universality and technology-integrated modern logistics service, it is updating it on the day by developing corporate, including recycling, in the last period.

Adopting environmentally conscious green system and dealing with our style with customers, the overall day is getting further. It offers high-end systems, techniques and services to design a green world for future generations. In particular, it will continue to be able to implement intermodal and multimodal projects.

Vision: To fulfill our business with our globally available service.

Our Mission: With our daily logistics systems, the best price and quality service available to you is in your favor.

Ahmet Yılmaz
Ahmet Yılmaz
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